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Telehealth services offered in Westlake Village, CA

Fitting top-quality health services into your busy schedule isn’t always easy. That’s why Dr. Peraino offers telehealth as an option within her concierge practice, Alexis Peraino, MD, INC., in Westlake Village, California. If you’re curious about telehealth or want to book a visit, contact the office by phone or online today. 

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is a means of connecting patients and practitioners remotely without needing an office visit. It offers the chance for you to get the care, support, and guidance you need to thrive without traveling across town to come in for an in-person visit. 

Telehealth has received a great deal of attention recently, but the concept is nothing new. Ever since most American homes were equipped with a telephone, people have been connecting with their health providers remotely. 

Today, thanks to advancements in technology, telehealth visits offer the opportunity for Dr. Peraino to communicate with you from afar and visually assess your condition. 

What are the benefits of telehealth?

Convenience is a primary benefit of telehealth visits. You can meet with Dr. Peraino from the comfort of home, the office, or even while traveling. This makes it easier to schedule the care you need, when, and where you need it. 

Telehealth visits are a great fit for busy professionals, but they’re also beneficial for anyone who lives a busy life. Parents often appreciate the ability to connect with Dr. Peraino without finding a sitter or traveling with kids in tow. College students can continue to work with a physician they know and trust while living away from home. 

For those who are immunocompromised, telehealth offers a chance to receive top-quality care without risking exposure to infectious diseases. People with mobility issues also benefit from telehealth care. 

How should I prepare for my telehealth visit?

Taking a few moments to prepare helps you get the most out of your visit. Begin by considering where to set up your appointment. Try to find a place away from the flow of traffic, and look for an area where you’ll be able to hear and be heard. 

Also, consider your lighting. It’s important for Dr. Peraino to see you clearly, so use your device’s camera to check the lighting and add lamps if necessary. You should stay close enough to an electrical outlet to keep your device powered up throughout your appointment. 

Telehealth visits are best performed on a device that has a large screen, like a desktop or laptop computer. Tablets and video-equipped phones are also an option. 

When you’re ready to book a telehealth appointment, call the office or reach out online to check availability.