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Disease Prevention

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Disease Prevention services offered in Westlake Village, CA

Chronic disease is a leading cause of disability and early death. The disease prevention focus of Alexis Peraino, MD, INC. at her concierge practice in Westlake Village, California, means you can avoid chronic conditions that can negatively affect your quality of life. Call today or use the online tool to request a consultation and learn more about Dr. Peraino’s disease prevention services. 

What is disease prevention?

Disease prevention includes treatments and care that halt the chronic disease from developing. Much of routine medical care is reactive — treating disease symptoms and disease complications. Disease prevention focuses on preventing chronic conditions from happening in the first place. 

Disease prevention strategies include lifestyle changes, nutrition interventions, exercise, and self-care. Dr. Peraino recognizes that it takes work on your part to promote good health and prevent disease. She is your health ally when it comes to disease prevention, offering screenings, lifestyle recommendations, and specialist referrals as necessary. 

Why is disease prevention important?

Chronic diseases are long-lasting conditions that negatively affect your health and quality of life. They include heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer. Chronic disease affects 6 in every 10 Americans; 4 in every 10 Americans have more than one chronic disease. 

Many of these chronic diseases are preventable. Habits like poor diet and lifestyle choices play a big role in whether or not you develop them. The disease prevention methods offered by Dr. Peraino give you the power to help prevent chronic disease. Eating healthy foods, quitting smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, adding physical activity, and keeping up with regular self-care are ways to promote good health and avoid devastating diseases. 

What disease prevention services does the practice offer? 

Yearly examinations and screening tests are important parts of your preventive care. Dr. Peraino customizes these visits according to your age, current health, any symptoms, and medical history. These annual visits are important because they are when Dr. Peraino may detect a health issue early and when it is easier to treat.

Other specific preventive services include genetic screening, nutrition counseling, exercise recommendations, body composition evaluation, management of screenings like colonoscopies and mammograms, blood pressure monitoring, and other wellness support. 

Dr. Peraino also offers management for chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. Her expert management of these conditions can slow the progression of symptoms and help you avoid complications. 

Get the valuable disease prevention tools you need to stay healthy. Call the office of Alexis Peraino, MD, INC. or use this website to request information for a consultation  online today.