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Executive and Comprehensive Physicals

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Executive and Comprehensive Physicals services offered in Westlake Village, CA

If you’re ready for an in-depth evaluation of your current health and future health risks, executive and comprehensive physicals are the right course of action. These extended physical exams are an area of specialty for Dr. Peraino at her concierge practice, Alexis Peraino, MD, INC., in Westlake Village, California. When you’re ready to schedule a visit, call the office or spend a few moments requesting a consultation online.

What are executive and comprehensive physicals?

Executive and comprehensive physicals are extended physical exams that go beyond the routine screening and preventive care you expect from a standard annual physical. They provide an opportunity to assess your current health and wellness in-depth. 

Perhaps more importantly, executive and comprehensive physical exams identify potential areas of concern when it comes to developing chronic health conditions. This information empowers you to work with Dr. Peraino to improve your health and reduce your risk of serious negative outcomes. 

Both exams include the same components. An executive exam is usually done at the request of an employer. In most cases, the employer covers the cost of the exam, either by paying the practice directly or reimbursing you for the cost of the exam. 

What tests are performed as part of an executive or comprehensive physical?

Comprehensive and executive physicals are designed specifically to develop a thorough understanding of how well your body currently functions. A wide range of screening tools assists in the process. 

Some of the testing you can expect to undergo during a comprehensive or executive exam include:

  • Body mass index (BMI) calculation and body fat analysis
  • Cholesterol check
  • Diabetes screening
  • Metabolic function assessment
  • Mercury level testing
  • Kidney and liver function assessment
  • Thyroid testing
  • Vitamin level assessments
  • Pulmonary function testing (spirometry)
  • Blood pressure screening

These screenings are in addition to a comprehensive physical exam and an in-depth exploration of your personal and family health history. Men also receive prostate exams, and women receive breast exams and Pap smear testing. 

What happens at the follow-up visit after my executive or comprehensive physical?

After you’ve completed your physical exam and all of the necessary testing, you return to the office for a follow-up visit. Dr. Peraino explains your test results and discusses any areas of concern. 

If there are areas where improvements can be made, Dr. Peraino constructs a customized care plan. This might include medications but will always include lifestyle modifications that create lasting results. Incorporating sustainable changes in your diet, exercise, stress management, and sleep quality enhances overall health and wellness. 

When you’re ready to begin, booking a visit takes moments, whether you connect with the practice online or over the phone.